Weirdest Lottery Purchases in the World (Part.1)

In fact, we’ll have to confess, these may not be the weirdest lottery purchases in the world – as each person’s definition of what’s truly weird and strange changes from one to the next.  We hope you agree though that these strange lotto buys really are some of the most unnecessary and odds things to get after a huge lotto win. 


john kutey lottery winner

This may not exactly be a strange purchase as many of us can envision our inner child going crazy at the thought of owning our very own water park.  John Kutey won $28.7 million and decided to donate some of his winnings towards a new water park to be built in his hometown.  Kutey and his wife donated over $200, 000 to the park but have only visited it once.  That hasn’t stopped the park from being renamed after them.  Not too much of a stretch for a purchase, but definitely not on the top ten list of things to buy or do for the average winner.


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Wrestlicious is a comedy sketch featuring women dressed scantily, mock fighting and wrestling and paying spectators.  It’s the brainchild of giant Powerball lottery winner Jonathan Vargas who decided to sexy up the world of wrestling.  The action-comedy series, as dubbed by Vargas, even features the women taking to the ring in their underwear.  If you were a $35.3 million Powerball winner you too would surely be able to make your weirdest and wildest fantasies a reality like Jonathan Vargas has done.


sarah cockings lottery winner

What’s so strange about some cosmetic surgery, and why is this on the list since people get them done almost every day?  This makes our list, because similar to the Water Park purchase it’s a strange top of the list purchase.  Sarah Cocking was the lucky winner of £3 million in the National UK Lottery, and as players do, she offered to buy her family what they desired.  What her sisters wanted more than and above all else, was new breasts.  They turned down money, new cars or homes and instead were insistent on the breast enlargements.  Cocking gave out £4, 800 for the sisters to get what they wanted, and joined in .  On the cards for the lottery winner herself was a four-bedroom house for the parents and a five-bedroom house for herself, as well as numerous holidays and a dog-grooming parlor business.


roger griffith lottery winner

The story of Lara and Roger Griffiths is a warning to all.  They had won a £1.8 million UK Lotto jackpot, but as soon as that money came … it went.  Among their lavish spending spree was a hugely unnecessary recording and release of a single, which Roger collected his old university band together to perform and produce. The recording alone cost the lotto winner £25, 000 due to rehearsals taking place in London, where he would become a regular guest at the £240-a-night, celebrity hangout, Sanderson Hotel.  Not to mention the £1, 000 a month publicist hired to help the band hit super stardom.  In September 2006 the single was released, but with only 600 copies sold, this rock-star dream ended in abject failure – and extreme waste of money.

Even though there’s an amazing amount of lottery winning to be had out there, one still has to remember that there still needs to be some sort of control in place to secure your lottery spending to make sure that you don’t splurge too much on outrageous and unnecessary items.   The astronomical amount of lottery jackpots available to play for from in UK Lotto and world lottery can very easily lure winners in to making these outrageous spending sprees as they get swept away with the sizeable wins on offer. 

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