Weirdest Lottery Purchases in the World Part.2

Continuing on in our effort to find the strangest lottery purchases, we’ve come across some more players who have won the lottery and gone a tad overboard in what they spent on.  As if Part.1 wasn’t shocking enough, we’ve got a collection of players who literally took their lottery winning to mean that they may afford the moon and the stars.


lottery winner buys the land on the moon

David Copeland a former lab technician spent his winning on an immediate purchase of champagne who he shared with his friends when he told them about his winnings.  The lucky winner earned a £1 million windfall with UK Lottery, and has since spent on a Seat Leon car and a total of six cruises so far.  The most curious of his purchases however is his acre of land on the moon, as well as deeds to land on Venus and Mars too.  The winner claims that he purchased these as an interesting talking point and that, at £120 a pop, it’s not a mega million spending waste.  That may be the case, but it definitely makes our list for strangest purchase with lottery winnings.


thea bristow lotto winner

This entry is not so much a weird lottery purchase, as it is an interesting one.  Among the lavish spending by Thea Bristow, her new teeth might not have cost her as much as her sponsored football team or the acres of land she’s purchased to open up a nature reserve, but it certainly goes down as a very different lottery purchase!  Thea’s husband Paul passed away just after their giant lottery jackpot win in July, 2004, and so Thea’s nature reserve purchase with him doubled as her tribute to him.  A very touching story indeed,  that also completely distracts from the fact that she used her lottery purchase to buy herself new teeth.  Thea explains:  “Now, I can smile without the gaps and that feels wonderful.”


peter lavery lottery winner

In 2012 local Irish lottery winner Peter Lavery announced his preparation to invest £5 million to convert the A-Wing of the former Crumlin Road Prison in north Belfast into a distillery.  The aim?  Well aside from it having been the perfect location – Lavery also wished to promote tourism to allow visitors to take a tour of the distillery to view the process, have a visitor’s centre, tasting room, bar, restaurant and store.  Lavery claimed it would generate at least 60 jobs with up to five of those being prestigious titles held within the distillery itself.  Lavery has since succeeded and flourished as a business and gone on to become one of Ireland’s top distillers and exporters of the finest whisky.  Well done Peter Lavery on turning an obscure lottery buy, into a stellar investment!

Although these purchases, barring that £5 million investment from Peter Lavery, were somewhat modest – we do find that buying up an acre of land on the moon and new teeth to be a rarity on the list of things people wish to purchase after winning the lottery.  Whatever your wish and whatever your lottery desires, with lottery jackpots at an astronomical magnitude with online lottery – all your wildest, weirdest and craziest desires are able to be satiated with frequent nine-figure jackpot prizing. 

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